Update Fall Festival 2020 - Kadampa Meditation Centre Edinburgh

In a powerful and blissful empowerment on 24th October, Gen-la Dekyong explained that when the world is pervaded entirely by problems and dangers due to uncontrolled minds and inappropriate actions, the practice of relying on the Medicine Buddhas is so important.

This was followed by a week of teachings and meditation retreat offered online.

November Meditation Classes on Tuesdays:
Happiness is an inside job

Happiness is a feeling. A feeling we all want and a feeling we want to keep. But in reality it seems difficult to find happiness and when we do its is hard to hang on to. It is so fickle and unpredictable. Laughter turns to tears, excitement to boredom, relaxation to restlessness, friendship to irritation and so on. But we keep trying. We can’t stop wanting. Nor should we. We just need to look in the right place. And that is very close – just an attitude away!

Our common sense tells us happiness is something that comes to us from the outside. From other people, possessions, holidays, clothes, entertainment. Yet what we experience is only temporary happiness, just short term relief from being unhappy. Of course, we can enjoy these things. But in themselves they will eventually disappoint us, bring new problems or we have to leave them behind. Our common sense is actually non-sense. Happiness is a feeling. Feelings only happen in the mind. The causes of real happiness lie in the mind.

If we learn to identify, increase and stabilise the inner causes of happiness we can be happy with everything we have – or without it. We gain everything and lose nothing but our confusion and frustration.

In this course Genla Kunsang will explain the inner causes of happiness, how to nurture them in meditation and apply them in our daily life.

Week 1. Inner peace, the foundation of happiness

Week 2. Knowing the causes of happiness – and its opposite

Week 3. Meditations to grow the seeds of happiness

Week 4. Putting daily life on an upward trend

This weekend we’ve live-streamed Italian Dharma Celebration

Since we’ve reopen Maria is a regular volunteer at the centre.

October Meditation Classes on Tuesdays: The Buddhist Approach to Unwanted Feelings Emotional Energy Saving We spend much of our day trying to

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