Refuge Vow Ceremony

On Saturday we were very happy to have 12 attendees at the centre and 27 online taking part in Refuge Vow Ceremony.

We see refugees in the news, facing great danger and hardship and making perilous sea voyages in search of safety and protection. But we too are refugees. Our ocean is samsara – and our fears and sufferings are those of this and all our future lives. When we go beyond the superficialities of this life we can find ourselves feeling lost, alone and frightened.

Discovering the practice of refuge gives us the opportunity to protect ourselves in this and future lives. It is the way we come inside Buddhism, under the protective canopy of Buddha’s teachings.

Going for Refuge means having confidence in Buddha as a reliable source of protection. It means relying on Sangha, the spiritual friends who guide and support us. And integrating Dharma, the actual power of Buddha’s teachings, into our own lives. In this course we did learn that the causes of going for Refuge, how to rely on Buddha, Dharma and Sangha and how our daily meditation practise becomes our actual protection in action.

How wonderful!

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