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Gen-la Kunsang teaching meditation

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Our Centre has re-opened to the public. Online classes will continue for those unable to attend live classes.

To attend in-person please pre-book your place (*as space is limited)

Take some time out to cultivate inner peace and enjoy the rest of the day with an inspired and positive mind. These classes combine guided meditations with a ‘thought for the day’ on practical methods of how to stay happy and positive through the challenges of modern life.

No previous experience required.

Attend in-person at the centre.

COST: £5-£7/ CLASS

What exactly is our mind? How does it work? And how can we control it? With a clearer and better perspective life becomes happier, more balanced and moves steadily forward.

In this course Gen-la will explain how to use our own mind to make this transformation for ourselves.

Tuesday evenings 7-8.15pm attend in-person, livestream and catch-up for 5 days

COST: £10/ CLASS, £28 for all 4 classes

emptiness retreat

Saturday & Sunday 8-9 May attend in-person, livestream and catch-up for 3 days

COST: £10-£30/ Course

declutter your mind

Learn meditations to make our inner mental space like a clear blue sky, the nature of peace. Learn the essential techniques for decluttering your mind, and fulfil your wishes for a focused and happy life.

Series of 20 minute guided meditations

available to listen online

COST: £12 for 3 classes

Saturday 15 May,  2-3.30pm attend in-person, livestream and catch-up for 3 days

COST: £10/ Course

Mental Peace - one day meditation retreat

Saturday 22 May in-person, livestream and catch-up for 3 days

COST: £20/ Course

All our classes include two guided mediations and a talk on how to incorporate meditation and Buddhist principles into daily life. 

Topics covered include improving relationships, developing confidence, gaining peace of mind, coping with stress and dealing with anger.

More info:

all the classes above are offered at no extra cost for members

If you book to watch the class online: Receive a link when you book so that you can join the live-stream talk

have 72 hours to listen after the live-stream 

Did you know you’d only have to pay £30 and you’ll have access to all of our courses and 30 minute weekly series of classes with our Online Only Membership!

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I feel very fortunate to have discovered the Edinburgh Kadampa Meditation Centre. With the help of the loving kindness and warm welcome of the teachers and staff there I have been introduced to teachings on Buddha Dharma which I know will provide me with a path to happiness I could not have found anywhere else. I am at the beginning of a learning process. I look forward to building on that and wish to express a deep gratitude to everyone at The Kadampa Centre who contribute towards that lovely experience. I will be forever grateful.
A heart felt thank you for both of these sessions and teachings today. I found the 2nd session very powerful and the teachings today have really given me things to think about which I’m excited to reflect on. I’m so grateful to be a part of this and thank you for your calm and considered wisdom and guidance.
Map of Eligible Area for online teachings