Austrian Dharma Celebration 2020

Last weekend 7-9 November taught South African Dharma Celebration.

This weekend dear Gen-la Kunsang is teaching an international course live-streamed to Austria as they are having their annual celebration of Dharma, or Buddha’s teachings in their country. During this event Gen-la is teaching in German on “The healing power of love”. How wonderful!

At the same time our friend, Jeff Simm, long time practitioner and meditation teacher based in Manchester, is teaching us about karma and how by understanding the law of cause and effect we can start to change the direction of our path. 

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This weekend we’ve live-streamed Italian Dharma Celebration
Since we’ve reopen Maria is a regular volunteer at the centre.
October Meditation Classes on Tuesdays: The Buddhist Approach to Unwanted Feelings Emotional Energy Saving We spend much of our day trying to escape unwanted feelings in one way or another. It consumes a great deal of our time and energy. Sometimes we just don’t want to feel anxious, bored, frustrated. Other times the fear of