Make lockdown meaningful

A life without anxiety Is possible

Anxiety covers a very broad spectrum of experiences at the one end obviously it’s absolutely normal entirely common that we feel somewhat anxious when we are put in a situation where we are a little challenged, you know for example we have an exam to sit or we have to do some public speaking or something like that or there’s an important meeting and we have to present our ideas. In those situations, of course most people will feel some apprehension. There will be a certain discomfort and agitation in the mind and then once the situation is passed hopefully so do those feelings or even you know once we start into it the feelings quickly dissipate and we’re just focusing on what we do. That’s one end.

Of course, at the other end is a very debilitating experience where our anxiety doesn’t quickly fade and isn’t easy to ignore and just push through but is actually really quite overwhelming and life changing. Now obviously throughout this spectrum there are experiences where we will perhaps be inclined to not take opportunities. There might be a situation where there could be you know tremendous reward and enjoyment if we engage with it but our apprehension, anxiety holds us back. So whether it’s it the lighter end of the spectrum or the much more severe end we don’t want anxiety.

You know anxiety is uncomfortable, it’s unpleasant, it robs us of opportunities in our life and it can be incredibly debilitating.

Let’s just take a moment to look at it from a different angle. What is good about anxiety and what is it showing us.

We can look at it from a purely psychological point of view, cognitively what is the mind doing that induces these very strong experiences that can be very physical as well as obviously mental, we can look at it from an energetic point view what’s happening within the energies of my body.
One of the ways that anxiety functions and manifests is that we imagine an uncomfortable future scenario and again it can be very small to very big like you know one of the common forms of anxiety as we go we think “where’s my phone, where’s my phone” and we’re imagining having lost the phone. And of course that can be much more expanded into things like illnesses – what if I have this or we’re imagining public humiliation, we’re imagining that and we’re imagining these things.

With such a powerful mind that we are inhabiting that reality although we’re in the situation that we’re in our mind isn’t in the present. The mind is in this fabricated very painful uncomfortable reality. So much so that we’re physically reacting as if it were actually happening and in fact we may even be reacting worse then we actually would cause we may be imagining not only the situation but our reaction. We may be imagining our reaction and fabricating the worst possible reaction.

Now we have the most powerful tool in the universe the power of our mind

What that is showing us is the power of our mind. It’s showing us the power of our imagination that admittedly obviously in that situation our imagination is a loose cannon it’s firing indiscriminately it is not working for us it is very much working against us. But it is showing us how powerful the mind is. Now imagine if we could take that powerful imagination and harness it for our purposes so that it works for us and not against us.

Now we have the most powerful tool in the universe. Almost we have to say the more we suffer from anxiety the more evidence we have over the power of our mind.

In our classes, available online, we are employing strategies to harness the power of that imagination to make it work for us and if we can do that, extraordinary positive results will come.