For all KMC Edinburgh online classes, we use Webinarjam technology. Follow these steps below to optimize your connection.

connecting to online classes

We hope you are enjoying our livestreaming classes.

As we all know, our experience online depends on the quality of both the transmission of the broadcaster and our own connection. We are doing our best to deliver you a high quality livestream. Check out our guide to the best practices you can do to establish a clear, uninterrupted connection. 

Step 1:

Connect with a compatible browser: the best browsers for webinarjam technology are Chrome and Firefox, and Safari generally works also (note: Internet Explorer won’t work with Webinarjam)

Step 2:

Close additional browser windows: don’t simultaneously run programs that use a lot of energy, like Spotify, Netflix and others

Step 3:

Watch from a private window in order to eliminate browser settings and customizations that can conflict with Webinarjam

Chrome > File > New Incognito Window > Paste your class link and see if it now works

Firefox > FIle > New Private Window > Paste your class link and see if it now works

Safari > File > New Private Window > Paste your class link and see if it now works

Step 4:

Clear your browser cache – doing so regularly helps all applications run better

Chrome: close all windows then click Chrome > Clear Browsing Data

Firefox: close all windows then click History > Clear Recent History

Safari: close all windows then click Clear History

Step 5:

Close down your entire computer and re-open before connecting in order to resolve any temporary issues that can cause problems

Step 6:

Turn your internet connection off and on again to reset and reboot

Step 7:

Contact KMC Edinburgh’s tech support at [email protected]