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“In general, prayers made by an assembly of many practitioners are very powerful and cannot be compared to the prayers of one or two people. The scriptures give the analogy of a broom. If we try to clean a floor with a few bristles we shall make little progress, but if we gather many bristles to make a broom we shall be successful.”


Monday 20 Sep 9-10am Wishfulfilling Jewel Puja

Tuesday 21 Sep 9-10am Wishfulfilling Jewel Puja

Wednesday 22 Sep 9-10am Wishfulfilling Jewel Puja

Wednesday 22 Sep 7-9pm Buddha’s Return from Heaven Day – Offering to the Spiritual Guide

Thursday 23 Sep 9-10am Wishfulfilling Jewel Puja

Thursday 23 Sep 5-6pm Tara Prayers

Friday – Sunday United Kingdom Dharma Celebration online event

Wishfulfilling Jewel Prayers

Daily scheduled in the centre from 9am with the exception of Saturday when is from 4.30pm. If you wish to join us send us an email at [email protected]

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This is a recorded version of the prayers recited weekly in the Temple and is available for you to play at any time.

To derive maximum benefit from this and other prayers it is best to join at the time designated each day.

Wishfulfilling Jewel is a heart practice for Kadampa practitioners. Generally we try to practise either this puja or its shorter version, Heart Jewel, every day. At least once a week we offer these chanted prayers with special tsog offerings at our Kadampa Centres. This is very auspicious because tsog offerings increase our merit and our connection with the holy beings and the enlightened world.

There are two key practices within this puja: reliance on Je Tsongkhapa as our Spiritual Guide and reliance on Dorje Shugden as our Dharma Protector. Both Je Tsongkhapa and Dorje Shugden have the same nature as Buddha Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom. They are both seen to be inseparable from our own Spiritual Guide.

At times when we feel helpless, prayer is incredibly effective for transforming our state of mind. It turns our attention to something positive, spiritual and uplifting, and has the power to shift us out of our worry and negativity.


~ Tara Prayers: Liberation from Sorrow ~


Weekly scheduled in the centre on Thursdays from 5pm. If you wish to join us send us an email at [email protected]


~ Compassionate prayers for the deceased (POWA) ~

SUNDAYS 5 – 6pm

Weekly scheduled in the centre on Sundays from 5pm. If you wish to join us send us an email at [email protected]


We recite this mantra with deep faith in Arya Tara, our holy mother, requesting her to liberate ourselves and all other living beings permanently from epidemics, sickness untimely death and any other misfortune swiftly!